Beyond Blue


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Artist: Bree Riley
Subject: Land and Seascapes
Medium: Acrylic
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Bree Riley


We were at Narooma this year and we were lucky enough to witness when a trickle from a lagoon turned into a full release into the ocean. There were so many things that were lurking underneath in the stagnant water that finally had the chance to break free. I stood on the edge and was mesmerised by the constantly changing colour variations and how it all bubbled, shoved and danced it’s way together to the ocean. This one is called “Beyond Blue” and it’s about getting comfortable with the unsettling messy feelings that can accompany uncertainty and change. Its ok not to be ok and sometimes we try to be strong for too long. In those moments we need to release what we are holding in and have a good old fashioned cleansing purge just like that lagoon. Professionally custom framed in natural oak timber with artist glass.



Dimensions (Framed)

92cm by 72

Weight (Framed)