Butterfly Effect: Chaos & Fear


Melissa Martin


“Butterfly Effect: Chaos & Fear” is an expressive memoir-exploration of the reality of what we are living with within the current Covidian Age. Using Chaos Theory’s ‘Butterfly Effect’ to articulate quite simply how a seemingly thought to be ‘innocuous aberration’ in a virus, can lead to a flow on effect of a Pandemic of not only illness and demise at the Physical level but also on a Global Psychological and Social Order level. The rippling effect of living in a state of Fear and the need for Control and the prevailing chaos has indelible repercussions on the bigger picture - the Existential Matrix and the quest for the Meaning of Life. Composition is deliberately messy, fragmented and urban collaging in style and falls within the realms of Abstract Street Art Expressionism.



Dimensions (Unframed)

30 cm by 30 cm

Weight (unframed)

230 grams