Gabriella and Bundy

Highly Commended


Sam Carig


This is a portrait of Gabriella as a child with the family cat 'Bundy'. An image her parents wanted to capture, however the subjects appear ill enthused about the whole ordeal. Today, with infinitely better technology, we are able to capture hundreds of images whenever we feel like it. Years ago, a roll of film would limit people to only a few shots. In many people's cases every 'snap' had to be carefully orchestrated so as not to waste a shot. This piece reflects the effort endured to capture what should have been a simple and happy familial piece, from dressing the grumpy child in her 'Sunday's best' to propping up and attempting to hold an unruly cat. The irony in the image was what I was compelled to capture.



Dimensions (Unframed)

21cm by 30.5cm

Weight (unframed)

100 grams