The Unravelling of the Fabric of Society

Highly Commended


Melissa Martin


“The Unravelling of the Fabric of Society” encapsulates at a deeper, more Philosophical level the very essence or ‘the fabric’ of Human Society living in unprecedented times. This mixed media artwork is a narrative, pertaining to Philosophy and questioning the Beliefs and Values upon which the perceived rational ‘Human Experience and Reality’ is based on. The natural elements such as Nature (the use of lacquered leaves), and the Universe at large (symbolised as the over arching gold spiral) evolving, in conjunction with the order of Groups within society (paper cut -outs in formation) and the stressors of radical changes within the Governing Laws we are use to, causing the unravelling (fabric fraying, string and twine) of the fundamentals in our society like basic Human Rights and Freedom of Choice and the need for Survival. Our perception of Time, has been distorted due to imposed lockdowns and yet it is the Beliefs, Values and Faith of Humans at the Spiritual level that transcends time, space and reality- depicted as Ancient Runes and Modern Text forms as a method of Communication and having a Voice.



Dimensions (Unframed)

36cm by 46cm

Weight (unframed)

304 grams