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Bottled Wonderland

Student Artist



St George Girls High School

Art Teacher’s Name:

Mrs Clark

Title of Artwork:

Bottled Wonderland

Media Used

Acrylic paint, Copic liners, white gel pen


29.7cm x 42cm

Artist Statement

My artwork is about the concept of individuality and everyone’s perception of the world—the world that they live in. If the universe was the vast and endless ocean, then we would all be floating in our own little buoyant bubble.

 I was inspired by bottled ecospheres, or ocean message bottles, to encase myself (a cartoon/artistic version) in a transparent glass teapot with a cork on top. To me, sunsets are very beautiful and striking yet they also induce feelings of nostalgia and melancholy in me. Nonetheless, it is these peculiar feelings that make me treasure these times the most, which is what I wanted to express in my painting.


Kogarah School of Arts

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