ArtAbility Classes

St George Art Society ‘ArtAbility’ Classes
are held on the second, third and sometimes the 4th Tuesday in each month (if there are 5 Tuesdays in a particular month). 

These 2 hourly sessions starting from 2pm are conducted by Angela Iliadis.  Each class explores a variety of styles and techniques using various mediums including mixed media.

These friendly and supportive classes cost just $10 for members and $15 for non-members.

Don’t forget to bring your own materials.

ArtAbility Class held on Tuesday 13th February, 2024

Our first ArtAbility session for this year, everyone enjoyed working on their own projects.

A Kandinsky drawing was shown in the class which inspired some of the students who attempted to paint their own abstract artworks.

A great variety of innovated artworks were created as can be seen here.

ArtAbility Class held on Tuesday 12th December, 2023

Our final ArtAbility class for 2023 was a lovely afternoon enjoyed by all. 

Students created artworks in mixed media using oils, pastels and watercolour.

ArtAbility Class held on Tuesday 21st November, 2023

Another enjoyable afternoon of drawing and painting and some experiments in creating collage artworks.

ArtAbility Class held on Tuesday 14th November, 2023

It was a fun afternoon. We explored watercolour pencils, acrylic paint and watercolour paint. 

ArtAbility Class held on Tuesday 24th October, 2023

This week we experimented using palette knives with watercolour paint. 

Another enjoyable session exploring different methods to create unique and interesting artworks.

ArtAbility Class held on Tuesday 17th October, 2023

The focus was to apply the paint using a palette knife only. One participant chose to continue working on her pastel paper.

Everyone enjoyed the afternoon.

ArtAbility Class held on Tuesday 19th September

The focus in this class was using ink and watercolour.

ArtAbility Class held on Tuesday 12th September

Activity 1: 
The focus was symmetry in faces using watercolour. 
Everyone got a picture of half a face from a magazine and they had to draw the  other half.

ArtAbility Class held on Tuesday 15th August

This week our focus was using soft pastels on pastel paper or watercolour paper.
Everyone enjoyed using the soft pastels and produced lovely artworks.

ArtAbility Class held on Tuesday 8th August

The focus of the lesson was to create a mixed media artwork using oil pastels and watercolour paint on watercolour paper.
In addition, one member printed a few lino cut prints.  It was a fun and super creative afternoon.

ArtAbility Class held on Tuesday 18th July

At our ArtAbility Class this week, each person worked on his or her own project. 
They had the choice to either paint flowers in watercolours, or landscapes using
Acrylic paints or to create some wonderful artworks using Linocut Printmaking.

ArtAbility Class held on Tuesday 11th July

Another interesting and informative ArtAbility class held by Angela Iliadis held on Tuesday.

Here are a few of the interesting artworks produced at the class.

ArtAbility class on Tuesday 23rd May – Acrylic & Oils without turps

The focus was to use acrylic or oil paint (without turps) and a palette knife only to create artworks.

Comments from Deborah Lee who attended this ArtAbility session;

The palette knife is usually ignored in my art tools, but from one knife, I could thickly ‘butter’, use the edges, dab and scrape for varied effects without muddying the paint or needing water between colours.  The thicker paint did seem to find its way onto my nose, sleeve and car keys!

Many vibrant works created by all.  Thanks Angela.

ArtAbility class on Tuesday 16th May – Neurographic Art

The focus was Neurographic Art which is a technique, which comprises drawing freeform lines or “neuro lines”. These are meant to enable the connection between the conscious and unconscious, gaining access to the inner self by using a specific algorithm or method.

ArtAbility Class – Tuesday 9th May –  Pastels & Watercolours

The focus was to use soft pastels over a watercolour background and to use pastels on their own.

ArtAbility class on Tuesday 18th April –  Mixed Media

The focus in this class was experimenting with a watercolour background and then a charcoal drawing.

ArtAbility class on Tuesday 11th April –  Charcoal and Mixed Media

This class consisted of 2 parts:

Firstly the students chose their own subject matter and experimented with soft and hard charcoal.

The second part of the class focused on Mixed Media using both Charcoal and Watercolour.

ArtAbility class on Tuesday 21st March –  Negative space

The aim of the lesson was to create art focusing on painting the negative space.

We used leaves and watercolour paint to create the art.

ArtAbility class on Tuesday 14th March – Watercolour Techniques

At this class we learned about 10 fun ways to experiment with watercolours. We then chose to focus on both dry brush and wet in wet techniques to produce their artworks.  

Students were keen to experiment with salt, plastic wrap, alcohol and spray paint at home.  

Here are some of the interesting artworks created in the class.

ArtAbility class on Tuesday 21st February – Mixed Media

Here we used Tissue Paper and Paint to Create Art.  

Tissue paper can be used like a glaze to add depth and richness of colour to a piece of artwork, in addition to texture, and once you have several layers, there is the option to peel back selectively to reveal parts of the layers beneath.

The students enjoyed the lesson and produced unique works of art.


SGAS was well represented at the Hurstville Seniors Open Day on 7th February.


A special class was held on the 7th February in conjunction with the Georges River Council Seniors Festival

The class tutored by Angela Iliadis explored mixed media and some lovely still life paintings were created.

ArtAbility class held on the 6th December 2022

For our final ArtAbility class for 2022 was held on the 6th December, the consensus was to do free choice painting.

We all had a lovely time painting and chatting.


ArtAbility class on Tuesday 22nd November 

An extra class was held this month and the focus was on painting with palette knives only, – no paint brushes.

Many interesting artworks were produced by the attendees.  Here are a few photos of their creations.

ArtAbility class on Tuesday 15th November  – Painting Flowers

An enjoyable afternoon of painting at our ArtAbility class on the 15th November. 

Jillian was inspired by Melissa Read-Devine’s demonstration and another attendee, Xiao Jin just loves flowers.


Here are a few photos of the paintings created in the class.

ArtAbility class on Tuesday 8th November
  – Sculpture Using Air Drying Clay 

ArtAbility class on Tuesday 18th October
was a very information session exploring the following Watercolour Techniques.

  1. Wet in Wet – Wet paper first and then apply the paint.
  2. Dry Paper – Apply the paint to dry paper.
  3. Gradient – Paint colour from dark to light.
  4. Masking Fluid or Oil pastel -Apply masking fluid or draw with an oil crayon and paint over it.
  5. Salt – Add rock salt to wet paint and let it dry. Add table salt to wet paint and let it dry.
  6. Pulling out Colour – Apply some watercolour paint and while still wet pull off some colour with a knife.
  7. Paint and Plastic Wrap – Apply some watercolour paint and while still wet cover it with plastic wrap and wait for it to dry. Remove the plastic wrap.
  8. Paper Towel – Apply some watercolour paint and while still wet dab it with a paper towel to lift colour off.
  9. Splatter and Drip Paint – Use a straw to blow the paint around, load a paint brush or a toothbrush with watercolour and splatter paint, drip paint using an eyedropper.

ArtAbility class on Tuesday 11th October

Our ArtAbility class held on Tuesday 11th October was firstly focused on creating three tones using black and white paint and then using the papers to design some collage artworks.

Secondly, we focused on exploring further techniques using encaustics.

ArtAbility Class; Tuesday 20th September focused on using complementary colours.

ArtAbility class held on the Tuesday 13th September again consisted of 2 sections;

Task 1   Creating value using lines, shapes and crosshatching.
Task 2   Painting using a palette knife.

Our previous class on the 23rd August, Angela set up two very interesting projects;

  1. Self Portraits using a Mirror  – Blind Continuous Line Drawing using charcoal,  pastels and/or watercolours. 
  2. Still Life Drawings – Using charcoal,  pastels and/or watercolour. 

Our class on the 16th August focused on techniques of marbling with shaving cream which resulted in many colourful creations.

ArtAbility from the 9th August once again focused on encaustic painting and also Mixed Media.

Our July ArtAbility session was an introduction to encaustic painting to explore the many interesting possibilities using this medium.