Critique Nights are hosted by a guest artist who views our members’ artworks and provides constructive advice. 

Our invited guest artist also selects an “Artwork of the Month”.

Held on the 1st Thursday of each month commencing at 6:45pm, these events are now held at the Ramsgate RSL

The cost to attend these evenings is just $10 for members and $15 for non-members.

Critique Night - Thursday 2nd May, 2024

Rod Byatt was our guest artist for May, which showed us just how
knowledgeable and experienced Rod is in so many aspects of art.

Rod awarded ‘Artwork of the Month’ to Denise Kassis
and a ‘Highly Commended’ went to Geoff Hargraves.

Rod’s demonstration was all about Portraiture.  Such a polished and informative evening.
Using Carl as his muse, Rod covered so many aspects of portraiture that is sure to inspire us all.

Critique Night - Thursday 4th April, 2024

Our guest artist for April was Peter Griffin. What a talented artist.

At Peter’s critique night he awarded Ros Psakis the winner and Marlene Weaver was highly commended.

Once again, the extremely high standard of our members artworks made Peter’s job extremely difficult.

What a fantastic evening!

Critique Night - Thursday 7th March, 2024

Ros Psakis presenting the Best Painting Award to Jillian Jessen.

 Ros Psakis presenting a Highly Commended Award to Mirna Gamboa.

Critique Night - Thursday 1st February, 2024

After a Christmas and New Year break our artists were keen to attend the first critique evening for 2024 at Ramsgate RSL.

Our great friend Noel Carrigg is the guest artist for February.

From many fabulous paintings, Noel chose a beautiful portrait by Rod Byatt as the winner and Geoff Hargraves received highly recommended.

A great way to start the year”.

Critique Night - Thursday 5th October, 2023

The October Critique evening at Ramsgate RSL.

Our guest artist for October is Vicki Tara Taylor. Vicki conducted the critique session at Ramsgate RSL explaining how she paints and what she looks for.

Art is like your soul on the canvas, paint with your head, hands and your heart and evoke intrigue and mystery we’re just a few of the many values Vicki advocated.

We’re looking forward to hearing and seeing more at Vicki’s demonstration evening on Thursday 19th October at the Kogarah School of Arts.

Critique Night - Thursday 3rd August, 2023

The August critique evening at Ramsgate RSL.

Selecting the winners at this month’s Critique Night was difficult, as there were so many beautiful artworks presented.
But our featured artist, Sally Ryan selected Marlene Weaver as our Winner for August, and a ‘Highly Commended’ was presented to Ros Psakis.  

It was a wonderful evening and Sally gave our members many valuable suggestions.

Sally will also be demonstrating her amazing talent at the school of arts Kogarah on Thursday 17th August at 6.30.   
All very welcome.

Critique Night - Thursday 6th July, 2023

The July critique evening at Ramsgate RSL.

The guest artist, Jane Wray was impressed by the high standard of artworks presented by our members.

Artwork of the month was as awarded to Angela Iliadis and highly commended went to Peter Warner.


Critique Night - Thursday 1st June, 2023


Sam Carig’s critique at Ramsgate RSL showed his incredible knowledge of all mediums, design, use of colour and space and techniques.

Sam’s choices for  Artworks of the Month were a beautiful cityscape by Geoff Hargraves and a beautiful landscape by Joanna Moschella.

Congratulations to both accomplished artists and thanks to Sam for sharing your passion and knowledge with us.

We are looking forward to your demonstration this month and also your upcoming workshop in portraiture in July.

Critique Night - Thursday 4th May, 2023

Critique Night - Thursday 6th April, 2023

The award for Thursday night’s critique at Ramsgate RSL was won by Isa Hargraves and Jenny Wassell.  Beautiful artworks by everyone.

 Jack Wu was this month’s guest artist and his comments and advice were well received.

Here are a few more of the excellent artworks presented on the evening.

Critique Night - Thursday 2nd March, 2023

Critique Night - Thursday 2nd February, 2023

Our first guest artist for the year was award winning artist Joe Bezzina who presented a very enjoyable and informative evening. 

Many of our members’ artworks were on display for Joe Bezzina to critique and offer his professional advice.   

Our regular ‘Artwork of the Month Awards’ were presented to Joe Green and Angela Iliadis.  Congratulations to both Joe and Angela.

Critique Night - Thursday 1st December, 2022

Our guest artist for December was Jose Gutierrez.  He provided valuable informative and advice on many of the artworks presented on the evening at Ramsgate RSL.

Jose chose the Artwork of the Month to be Marlene Weaver’s artwork titled “Portrait of Graham Gould RAS” 

Jose’s comments:  Firm design and strong use of line drawing. Solid use of colour and textures. The artist is confident.



Jose’s second choice for a Highly Commended went to Jenny Wassel for her painting titled “Jacaranda Gardens”

Jose’s comments:  A romantic scene treated with balance and rich colour and textures.

Congratulation to both Marlene and Jenny for receiving these awards.

There were many excellent artworks presented on the evening. 
Here are just a few.

Critique Night - Thursday 1st September 2022

Marion Chapman, our guest artist for September, gave an informative critique evening at Ramsgate RSL on the usual first Thursday of the month.  Marion has been a member of St George Art Society for such a long time and we value her taking time to share her knowledge with us.

Marion has awarded “The 2 Peters” for their fantastic artworks. Both beautiful achievements.

Marion Chapman presenting the awards

Peter Warner

Peter Michalandos

Critique Night - Thursday 4th August 2022

Critique Night - Thursday 7th July 2022

Our recent Critique Night on the Thursday 7th July, Angela Iliadis selected the

Artwork of the Month    “Copeton Dam” by Geoff Hargraves.

Here are the other beautiful artworks created by our members.