Tuition is available to members in a variety of formats providing our members with the opportunity to explore their art with other members and increase their skills with the guidance of a tutor.

Trying out new mediums and techniques which you may not have experienced previously is a great way to add to your own repertoire and give a freshness and vitality to your art.

Our current SGAS areas of tuition which have access to a tutor include:

Life Drawing classes also offer the guidance of a tutor, in both morning and evening sessions.

Plein Air is a group convened by a tutor with freedom to paint independently or with guidance in a variety of locations.

Workshops covering a wide range of painting styles and techniques in various mediums are held throughout the year.

Demonstrations are conducted each month by professional artists at Kogarah School of Arts Hall, Kogarah.

SketchAbility a class to explore your creativity with all aspects of ‘Mark Making’. Participants are guided in the use of a variety of mediums and techniques.

ArtAbility Classes are held on the second and third Tuesdays of each month at the Kogarah School of Arts in Sydney.  Classes are from 2pm to 4pm. 

Critiques  are held in Sandringham and are hosted by a guest artist who reviews the artwork of members and provides constructive advice.

For more information on the above, click on the separate sections in our dropdown under TUITION and be sure to view OUR TUTORS to learn more about each of them and the type of art lessons they offer to our members.





In addition to these SGAS run activities, art classes are available in a wide range of media from our Tutors, who run associated Art Classes.


To see our calendar of our activities including Art Classes, Demonstrations and Workshops,

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