Bree Riley

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I am a proud Wiradjuri woman living on Dharawal country in Engadine, NSW.  I hold many titles: wife, mother, daughter, sister, cousin, friend, and artist.

With my art, the title that I feel best describes me is storyteller. I like to mould elements of my culture in different and creative ways to honour the people, places and experiences that continue to shape me.

The stories that I tell focus on respecting creation, connection, resilience, and the practice of gratitude. In every story, I paint with intent and adapt my culture and traditional techniques in unusual ways that are unique to me.

My preferred medium is acrylic paints predominately on Arches 100% rough cotton paper because I like the textured feeling of the paper beneath my hands and the way the medium absorbs my stories.

After the day is done, it is in the quiet moments at night that I sit with my thoughts, feelings, and reflections and they overflow onto the page. Being a natural introvert, I am happiest using a paintbrush to express myself and share my spiritual journey in a way words alone cannot.

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